Keeping a controlled growth rate, our products and processes are simple and ensure your success.

Headwater (HW) Nutrients

and supporting processes have been helping selective growers feed their weed since 2010. HW has evaluated competitive lines and best approaches in the design of its products and processes to deliver the most consistent and competitive nutrient levels. These quality nutrients ensure your plants reach their optimal genetic and yield potentials in the shortest time.


Apply the optimal levels of calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen across all growing phases easily. Add or subtract phosphorus, potassium, and minor nutrients in pre-measured amounts to match growth phase demands throughout the cycle. Because of its simplicity, our feed schedule can easily be memorized.


HW nutrients work with hydroponic, peat, and coco mixes as well as with field soil. They are compatible with numerous water sources, treatments, and qualities.


Salts are global commodities enabling HW to source raw materials competitively. Our low processing and handling costs save you money!


HW nutrients are packaged to eliminate costly measuring and mixing mistakes. HW Nitro and HW Turbo are pre-measured and designed to allow for speeding up or slowing down growth as needed by following our simple directions.


Our nutrients can easily, conveniently, and reliably be adjusted for both individual and large-scale growers. Unique packaging allows the flexibility to replicate your current nutrient profiles and still save money.

...Nute says, Feed your Weed with Headwater Nutes.

Step-by-Step Process

HW Clone Formula

is for young plants. They don’t need as many nutrients to establish and grow as they do in veg, so you dilute the nutes by adding double the water.

HW Veg Formula

contains a relatively high level of nitrogen and potassium with just enough phosphorus to ensure plants will develop a strong root system and grow to a healthy size in the vegetative stage.

HW Transition Formula

gives you full control of nutrient levels and allows you to regulate plant size by adjusting the nutrients to manage growth. We use additional amounts of potassium and phosphorus with a host of minor nutrients to boost your plant’s growth as you desire.

HW Flower Formula

focuses on nutritional needs in the flower stage. It is formulated to increase flower yield and keep the whole plant healthy until harvest. Again, you decide how much you need to optimize growth and maximize yield.