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Our goal is to offer simple, clean products that will increase yields while significantly cutting nutrient bills. We are uniquely qualified to help even the most sophisticated organization increase revenue through our proven products, processes, and strategies.

We have refined our cannabis growing techniques and formulations after more than seven years of consulting engagements. Our clients include small to large indoor grow facilities and multi-acre cannabis farms.

Words from our Happy Growers

I’ve been growing cannabis in Colorado for more than seven years and have tried most of the popular brands of nutrients. Headwater Supply & Nutrients have given me the same yields and THC levels that I’ve grown to expect, however it’s easier for my staff to mix and apply nutrients. It has greatly reduced my cost.

J.S. | El Paso County, CO

Headwater Supply & Nutrients products are easy to use, and the processes have taken the guess work out of feeding our cannabis plants.

M.D | Los Angeles, CA

With Headwater Nutes I can grow my plants as quickly as I can with other brands, but it’s easy to accelerate their growth and maximize my yield.

KP | Colorado Springs, CO