We won’t leave
you in the dark.

HW has been consulting with retailers, wholesale distributors, and horticulturists for decades. For the past seven years, we have been helping cannabis growers become more successful with onsite consulting classes, white papers, and proven processes to reduce costs and increase yields. Some areas of expertise include pest control, nutrients, general operations, marketing, forecasting, and analyzing grow performance.

Our HW program combines the most cost-effective and easy-to-use family of cannabis nutrients with consulting and education services. You can measure success in weeks – not years. Our consulting services are relevant for cannabis start-up companies as well as for established organizations that have been in business since the inception of the commercial marijuana industry.

HW nutrient line was formulated by specialists in horticulture and chemistry. Their expertise cannot be conveyed on package labels or websites. We are committed to schooling you personally, at your facility, or via video conferencing. Our discovery process allows us to examine your facility practices and then offer suggestions on how to save money and increase yield. The answer could include either using our standard product line, or mimicking the products you currently use.

We offer ongoing phone support to ensure you are using Headwater products in the most effcient and cost-effective way.

...Nute says, H2O + O2 + Light + HW Nute = JackPOT

In-depth Consulting Services are Available On-site or Via Video Conferencing.